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сохраняя традиции,

создаем будущее



Keeping traditions,

creating the future

NovMUN: Crossing borders



Dear guests and participants,


On behalf of the NovMUN team I am honored beyond words to welcome you all at the VIth International Novgorod Model United Nations conference 2017!

We all are aware of the fact that the year 2017 has been a truly complicated and controversial annum.

Religious extremism, violence, suppressions of peaceful demonstrators, separatism and even the threat of nuclear war- things like these do not stir our imagination as much as they used to some years ago and sometimes we may find ourselves indifferent to the reports of injustice and violations of human rights.


That is why it is so vital for us to realize that our future is nowhere but in our hands, and here at NovMUN we do it. The motto of our conference is «Crossing Borders». This phrase describes the fundamental principles of our conference only too accurately. We are ready to overcome the stereotypes of the past, endeavor to maintain the spirit of equality, cooperation and mutual understanding, and, of course, broaden our horizons.


This year our warmest appreciations go to those who are making their first steps on the path of international relations and Model United Nations in particular. You are the ones who help NovMUN advance, who bring us a breath of fresh air and who come up with the newest and the most productive solutions. We cherish the hope that you will contribute to our conference and eagerly join our fellow community.


Dear friends, this is a known fact that Rome was not built in a day. Unfortunately, so is peace. Forging peace requires titanic determination, so remain well-prepared and hardworking- even a word of advice can be a key to the core of the problem. We all know that within the span of 2 days it is but impossible to find solutions to every problem or reach full consensus on every issue. But what is possible is to plant the seeds of perseverance into the soul of each of you, and seeing that seeds give their roots would be our greatest reward. The iridescent flame of enthusiasm in your eyes, your confidence in the benevolent future of humanity- that is what makes our conference so special!


Martin Luther King once said: «The time is always right to do what is right». So let us do right!


Yours sincerely,

Secretary General of the VIth NovMUN conference,

Pavel Chernov 

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